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Victoria Seymour - Looking Back on Hastings

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my latest book, Looking Back on Hastings, which will trigger memories for all generations.

The famous and infamous of Hastings are once again under the spotlight, local buildings are explored, and the town's traditions and customs explained, in a compilation of my articles from the Hastings Observer's nostalgia feature, Looking Back, which has been described as a "potted history of Hastings."
    • The fully illustrated book also answers questions; how did some of Hastings volunteer-run organisations and festivals begin, what do they do, where are they based and how could you get involved? Hastings is a town rich in history and human stories; Looking Back on Hastings is Volume One in what is planned as a series; Volume Two is already in the making and will be launched in the summer of 2015.

      The book's captivating cover image was designed by Kieron Pelling, an up and coming Hastings' photographic artist.

      The Editor in Chief of the Observer Series, Keith Ridley, has written a foreword to Looking Back on Hastings.
      "Family history researchers and history buffs in general have good reason to be grateful to newspapers.
      Ever since they first appeared they have recorded the details of human life at its best and worst and with the passing of time these reports have become a precious resource. And nowhere more so than in the case of local newspapers, with their accounts and announcements of personal joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures and the ups and downs of businesses and politics, documenting stories that might otherwise be lost to the general public. Even the old newspaper advertisements reveal much about the day-to-day living of years long passed.
      We are proud of the role the Hastings Observer has played in the life and history of this wonderfully colourful town of ours. My career in newspapers now spans almost 42 years, yet of all the towns in which I have worked, none is as rich as Hastings in the many faces of its community life.
      Victoria Seymour is an extremely talented writer and a popular contributor to our columns. Her warmth shines through as she brings to life our town of yesteryear. Enjoy this journey with her. You will find it fascinating."