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A gallery of photographs that depicts Hastings in WWII Clearly shown are the consequences of bombing raids on the town, also how they conducted their daily lives whilst under attack. Photographs reproduced by kind courtesy of their owner Ken Brooks, Hastings Historian and Geologist.
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The people of Hastings showed remarkable resilience during The Second World War

Inside Hastings operations room

Many tons of this iron was dumped in the sea about a mile off Bognor Pier (on instructions from Churchill). Cast Iron and aluminium were not recycled

With a German invasion looming the town became very nervous and edgy. Both piers were cut in half

Being an upholstery shop there were feathers everywhere after the explosion

A postman carries out his duty after an attack in 1941

Bombed on Sunday 23rd May 1943. The Swann Inn was destroyed along with numbers 1 and 3 Swan Terrace

Bombed on Sunday 23rd May 1943. Sixteen people were killed
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